To Do

Get a book out for artist manifestos

1. Make design sheets for each movement and artist I looked at MONDAY

2. Look at useful links, read books and make a sheet showing technical side MONDAY

3. Explain why the three artists I’ve chosen are appropriate for transcribing into a typeface – do this after thumb nailing my sketches. MONDAY

4. (Show) Contrast and design refinement MONDAY (after scanning in sketches and thumb-nailing)

5. Look at contextual studies brief (download on uni learn) and begin looking at manifestos. MONDAY

6. Look at Thursday’s lecture on UniLearn (get notes)TUESDAY

7. Blog my response of Naomi Games’ lecture.TUESDAY

8. Photograph books pages. TUESDAY

9. Do some experiments, for development – differ materials/mediums etc

10. Think about how to present my manifesto essay – look at poster seeing s and stuff

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